Out of Area Registration

Out of Area Registration is designed for those patients who are normally fit and well and who are still able to travel easily to our Surgery when required.

Please visit www.england.nhs.uk – Choice of GP practice: Guidance on the new out of area patient registration arrangements for more information on Out of Area registration.

The main differences between a full registration and an Out of Area registration are:

  • Should you require a physical examination, you would be expected to attend the Surgery; we are unable to provide you with a Home Visit.
  • Should you be too unwell to attend, then we may arrange for another clinician to see you on our behalf, or you will be asked to call NHS 111.
  • If you require any Community Services such as District Nursing, Community Phlebotomy (blood taking) we would unfortunately be unable to keep your registration and you will be asked to register with another GP nearer to your home.
  • Should you require a referral to Hospital or Clinic, this would not necessarily be to your first choice or preferred provider.
  • Should your permanent medical condition change and you require more complicated or involved care, it would be more appropriate that your care be delivered by a GP Practice nearer to your home for your clinical benefit.
  • There will likely be additional challenges to caring for you, be they practical or administrative – in those instances, you may be better served by registering with a new GP Practice.
  • If at any time, either the Practice or you as the patient feel as though the Out of Area Registration is no longer suitable or workable, registration at a Surgery nearer to your home can be sought.

Named Doctor

Upon registering as a patient, you will be allocated to a named Doctor. However, you may book in with any of our Clinical Team of Doctors, Advanced Prescribers, Practice Nurses, Pharmacist or Healthcare Assistants for a particular appointment.

Transferring health records

Thankfully, in most cases, we receive computerised notes for the vast majority of patients and these are often processed in about a week, however, please be aware that any paper records will take several weeks to be transferred from your previous GP. We can request paper information urgently but only in exceptional circumstances when it is clinically necessary to do so, however, even these can take weeks.

All our Team have full access to the notes held about you and whilst we understand that continuity of care is important for on-going or specialist issues, you will be given appointments with the most appropriate clinician for you need; this may not necessarily be your preferred choice.

New Patient Health Checks

As a new adult patient you are eligible for a new patient health check. Please speak to our reception team for further details.

Temporary Residents

If you will be living within our practice boundary for a maximum of 3 months, you may register as a temporary patient. Please contact your own current Practice in the first instance and only contact us to register if they decide you need to be seen.

Access for Disabled Patients

We aim to provide full services for all wheelchair users to all facilities. Please let the reception staff know if you experience any difficulties.